Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Do you want to feel better? Are there behaviors in your life you would like to change? Do you want to work with someone who will focus on your specific needs in a down-to-earth, realistic way? I work with individuals who are trying to change something about their life. You may be struggling with low energy, excessive anxiety, or conflict within your family--these are all issues I am experienced at helping people through.
I also provide counseling for specific behaviors like hair pulling, skin picking, overeating, and managing clutter. Additionally, I track progress and ask for feedback each session so if you're not feeling better, we'll change our strategy.
I keep my treatment methods simple--they are based on research, experience, and common sense. I am the only provider in the WNY area that has attended specialized training in the treatment of hair pulling (trichotillomania), skin picking, and related disorders.

Please contact me for information about counseling services in Amherst and Lackawanna.

I work with adults, couples, and children.
Please note: The information on this page is for educational & informational purposes only and does not constitute a client-therapist relationship or a patient-therapist relationship.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Counseling for individuals, couples, and children


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